Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Honestly I Love Chrissy Makeup from Love & Hip Hop

If I had to choose who makeup artist on that show I would use Chrissy she artist must use a air brush machine or mineral makeup its always bronzed & natural never caked up!

Ok so everybody tunes in & witnesses the makeup mishaps most of the cast on the Love & Hip Hop be sporting show AFTER SHOW AFTER SHOW.





ok so you get my point

Like i said before having bad makeup does NOT EXEMPT rich folk ,celebrities or members of congress lol. But lets not just focus on the bad there is actually some good stuff i do see.
like Yandy


& my Girl Chrissy

(NOW KEEP IN MIND obviously all these girls have someone different doing their makeup)

Notice for instance when Nicki first came out it was this

once Nicki got some scratch you starting seeing this
so these ladies are either wearing the best or doing it themselves.When you wear everyday makeup it will be different than what you would wear on camera.Wrong foundation wrong lashes just wrong, but this can all be solved by making the right choice. In my previous posts I talk about color matchup & making the right selection for blending plus the tools you use.

Heres a makep tutorial i know you will enjoy. Stay True Stay You Stay FaBB Smooches M. xoxo

Here are some of my recent works, uneditted straight from my camera...

Some of Recent photoshoots

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