Monday, December 24, 2012

Bottom Lash Application,You May think its Hard but.....

So Today's post was requested by a New Doll who really wants in on this bottom lash thing! No worries that's why my blog was created.No question is a dumb question, remember I too had to learn so "Each 1 Teach 1"
Let's get right to it. With so many choices in lash brand & style I'll focus on ones like seen on Iconic "Twiggy" fashion model & host on ANTM. This look can be achieved with strips! I chose to explore it mainly b/c at first glance u would assume it was achieved by individuals (Got me too at first!) Here's a quick pictorial I'll tag a tutorial I found for those who need it Smooches xoxo M.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Purchase demi wispies (like shown on Twiggy) or style u feel best for your desired look.
2.Apply mascara on your lashes  for best blend of your falsies.
3.Prepare glue ( I used all but My Best adhesive is hair weave glue lite,non tacky,black,reuse able)
4.Apply glue on tip of tweezers use to apply on lash line (gives best control of how less or more glue applied)
5.Use a regular strip lash (just turn over) *Cheap trick*
6.Eye shadow makes for best blend of this look a brown metallic or black works fine!
7.Whalah Magic,Now Camera time!!! (pose for the camera Click Click)

Heres a few inspiration pics 

For u that need a video tutorial I came across this Enjoy xoxo M.

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Lana said...

Where did you get those lashes? I can't seem to find them