Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ombre Lips

Had such a blast coming across this New trend.If you DONT know let me break this down...
"Ombre" - Inspired by the Ombre hair dying trend. Ombre make-up is the way forward for lips... Caught this video..
So basically dolls you can create LIMITLESS looks!!! This is exciting news,so Stay Tuned for some looks from me and a tutorial.OK so I started with this look I came across online as inspiration.Take a look.. Now don't let the look at first sight discourage you. Actually when I think about it this technique is nothing more than a twist modernizing the look using a lip pencil gave.Remember that trend!?!

OK OK let's get back on track.Alright now my experience with this technique has been so mind blowing I have thought of so many combos to create (I know you will too) OK so my "cheaters" Recap for this look.**Ok don't get over analytical ladies its just as simple as having a light & dark color just like when you blend your eye shadow. you can throw in a 3rd color if your a bit more experienced.
1. establish which look u want a bold brite or a nude dark?!

2. OK so you can make your look glossy or matte which means straight color (dryer like pigment).Use a lip brush to outline your contrast color which if this color is bold the color in your inner lip would be opposite so..light or vice versa.
3.Now fill in your highlight color in the mid of your lips Top & bottom note: I preferred gloss last use pigment or lipstick THEN add gloss this makes it a complete blend and it will mix up and make its own color,you WILL love it! Heres some of my favorite looks showing off MY skillz!!

4.Go back over lips with first and second color layer it
5.Now Gloss Up!!! Note: now I know some of you can be completely first timers or just heavy handed..Relax don't apply gloss too rough the purpose is to make look wet just add gloss on top ....
6.Let the ombre takes its course & Rock it like you pose too!!
I hope you Dolls can have as much fun as me .Remember I do this for all us makeupjunkies if you have a question or come across a damsel in distress moment comment I will Respond Asap! Stay True Stay You Stay FABB
Have fun with these inspiration photos I found ...Stay Inspired xoxo til Next post Dolls Stay True Stay You Stay FABB

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