Monday, June 17, 2013

My homage to Kim Kardasdian

Hi dolls & welcome back I have been swamped with social networking forgive me (-_-) OK so its officially summer which means changing clothes cutting hair and whatever you do when it gets hot...Remember  as it starts to heat up,don't forget to also switch up your makeup look.This post is dedicated to a gal I can never be mad at sticking to what she knows who u said!?!  Kim Kardashian is who!! She's know for her smokey eyed (black or colored) look & full eye lashes.As you notice I had fun recreating my "Kim K" look my way!

Quick Tips: you will need full strip lashes & bottom falsies for a signature look (its your preference)
I chose to use bronze colors for my smokey look & highlight pigment in my inner eye for pop!

Here's a couple how to pictorials I came across for you gals while I'm working on my tutorial ...Stay True Stay You Stay #FABB

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