Wednesday, December 7, 2011

EYEBROWS!!!!!!!!!! So MANY face this obstacle #BUT U GONE LEARN TODAY =)

Having perfect eyebrows is one of the most important factors in creating a flawless look that you will be proud of.

When your eyebrows are well-groomed

, it creates a much cleaner look for you, and you’ll find the makeup application process to be much easier because you don’t have to “fight” those pesky excess hairs. Depending on the shape you select

, eyebrows can change the style of your appearance, so it’s always good to be aware of the look you want to portray to the rest of world.

Eyebrows that are sharply angled, too thick

too dark

or too thin

are very unattractive and distracting. The goal is to enhance what you already have without drastically altering it too much.

I have gotten so MANY inboxes about this delimma us divas face when it comes to brows. Worry NO LONGER LADIES!!! FaBB is here to break it down huney =) Achieving the perfect eyebrow can be a difficult if you don’t have much experience, which is why I’ve provided my video here so that will take you through the process of selecting and grooming your perfect eyebrows so that you can maintain them yourself.

If you’re a little unsure about what to do, here are some tips that may help you along the way:

1.Find out where you arch is

, each eyebrow will be different the mistake most make is trying to make both eyebrows look the same when you have a personality brow like here on Kim

(which peeks a lil higher than your other brow,dont try to imulate it will make your eyebrows look weird =)

my right side is my personality brow

2.For perfect eyebrow maintenance, you need to purchase brow powder i suggest a darker & lighter shade

(like displayed in my video)(or a pencil)

clear fragrance free chapstick for those unruly eyebrows

an eyebrow brush

and tweezers.

Tweeze the hairs as they grow back without disrupting the arch, and fill in any gaps you may have created with a powder or pencil. Use your brush to give those brows an extra lift.

3.When it comes to eyebrow tweezing, remember less is more. You should not tweeze or pluck your eyebrows more than once a week, and definitely not into the natural arch of the brow. Keep in mind that eyebrow plucking/tweezing can weaken the hair follicle over time, which will cause some hairs to not grow back at all. If/when your hair follicles become weak, the mistakes you’ve made cannot be undone.

4.If you’re ever burned as a result of eyebrow waxing, refrain from it until your wound has healed completely. You may want to consider applying full-coverage concealer over the burn & hair folicles that may grow as you are waiting for the new growth (if you have to go out and want to cover it up.) Apply aloe vera or vitamin E over the area to soothe the burning sensation in the meantime.

5.Avoid the trends. Always stay natural and true to form instead of chasing what is popular for the moment. If you must give in for fashion’s sake, then use a razor instead of permanent hair removal.

6.Take your time. Don’t tweeze when you know you have limited time. By doing this, you’re making lots of room for mistakes, which will have to be corrected with a pencil or brow powder. Set aside some time on a lazy afternoon to make sure the job is done right. Magnifying mirrors are also very helpful because they provide a close-up of the area you’re going to tweeze.I personally suggest tweezing!! "Beauty IS PAIN" was what my momma use to tell me.If you notice after a wax they tweeze anyways its painful but take a tylenol at first & it will pass but tweezing will give you a longer groom!

**Helpful tips are to use a pencil to guide you on where you should START you fill in with your pencil**

Also they sell eyebrow sketches if necessary to guide you

7. For eyebrow regrowth, the best options I can recommend are to use Rogaine
or any hair growth product that contains minoxidil. It is typically used to stimulate the hair growth for men with significant hair loss, but you can use it to stimulate the growth of your eyebrows also. I’ve also read positive feedback about castor oil. Just apply it to your brows every night before you go to bed, and it should help. If not, then try a minoxidil-based product.

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I trully appreciate you ladies for tuning & Hope this is Helpful, Make sure to send pics ladies

xoxo MJ


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This is definately a life saver!!! it's not something that will happen over night but with lots of practice...its effortless :)

Britt1210 said...

wasnt sure where to leave this question at...but i was wondering if you could touch on the placement of eyeshadow ( shimmer, matte, pigments...) also if you could go into blending...i have seen some hot lately. THEY NEED YOUR HELP!!! lol

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I love this one...