Saturday, December 3, 2011

Queen Latifah Queen Collection vs Mac...the BIG Difference

Queen Collection vs Mac----------->Queen Preferred 2 to 1 Over Store Brands

I know I will be stepping on ALOT of die hard Mac wearers faces lol

& thats fine I intend to support my finding as FACT along with my personal experience chile !
When I started wearing mac a few years ago its because that what the HYPE & HooRah was bout, so like a follower I joined in buying tons of shadows colors,but I found my love for the eyeshadows would not be mutal feeling for their foundation

I do to this day still use the moisture blend foundation by mac & this is when i want to just get up & glo with out lil to no efforts, but I Prefer Queen over all else PERIOD!!

attending all the shows,even freelancing but as I discovered I had lil experience at that time I just was excited about the colors, Didnt know what to do. Today as I have gained more knowledge I have come to realize I was confined to a few color choices for me persoanally it was fine being I had fair skin complexion

but as I extended my client base of many other shades this confinement posed a problem. Either my clients were too dark or too lite what was gurl to do, I could play chemist & attempt to match a color

but who has that time I wonder>>NOT ME SMH

A few years ago I saw a commercial from Queen Latifah

introducing her line of makeup called the Queen Collection
Not only has she made a line

we ALL & by that I mean catered to African Americans of light & even darker shade

, the celebrities that even sold makeup were on board, Thats all a sista had to see, take a look

I was hype just like before wearing mac so I went & picked up a few colors.For Me first I started with Soft Copper,Almond Glo & natural Hue Glo for starters

(at that time they didnt have a few colors thay have added today heres a list below)

it was amazing! My boyfriend at the time was not fond of me wearing makeup at all so i did a test run on him, I purchased inside walgreens went to the bathroom came out with it on when I got in the car as he turned around he was like "baby your skin look nice,I like that" From him it had to be hands down the truth!!! so from there I constantly recieved compliments & have shared this with all my clients, I would suggest YOU to do the same if you have heard but not tried yet. Her line can be purchased in your local Walmart some pharmacies carry it based on african american demand but Walmart for sure. Heres some of my clients I used on without photoshop! all Queen Collection Products Brozer & Foundation,

eyeshadows from my line buy @

Please Post pics of your findings & Stay Tuned on my tuitorial on how you matchup as well as apply properly, Heres some of my work using Queen Line

Thanks for tuning in ladies
Stay True Stay You Stay FaBB Smooches MJ


OneDerFullyMe said...

Love this!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does Queen Latifa foundation only come in compacts?

MonnicaMissFaBBJohnson said...

Yes her line also consist liquid also powder foundation under Covergirl. Queen Collection is all compact foundation and also bronzer!