Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Mystery SOLVED:Eyeshadow & where it goes..

Hey Divas I know this has stumped all of you, For me it was a crucial , I refused to let it beat me thou so I kept at it. What you ask?? The hassle of knowing how that girl has perfect blended makeup not too much just on her lid & NOT all the way up?? Sheesh this baffled me for months I ALWAYS HATED NOT KNOWING HOW TO SOLVE THIS ISSUE, OMG is astonishing when I look Back at my Older Work

Compared to My NEWER WORK,

Its OBVIOUS Even on Myself

Im almost in tears as I upload its like wow the difference training, practice & proper quality products can make.

For starters ladies we all have a friend who can just put one color eyeshadow on & she good no blending necessary

but in my past topic i address how you can tell what eyeshape you have

from there is where you can create the look you desire. Heres a graph to guide you , if you have eye like me you have to create your crease but this should help make it simple #TRY IT.

Now for some of you this STILL does nothing you may NEED More lol & thats fine this is just as reference all of us have 1 or more creases in our lids so it will vary where you are to start the darker shade, but dont worry I will talk about this is this natural tutorials below,


Smooches MJ xoxo

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