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Lately I haven't really been in the fashion obsession mood but I had to STEP IT UP and PERK UP...It's a holiday! So here's my latest obsession: SIMPLE, EFFORTLESS CHIC...  K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Sweety (lol, I won't use the usual word. No need to get ugly...)

I've def been an avid watcher of Love & Hip Hop ATL, and alllll its ratchedness, including the styling and fashion on the show. Not only is the drama over-the-top and EXTRA but some cast members go too FAR AND TACKY with their fashion picks, particularly their accessories....

I love a good statement piece (and even a combo of them) but overkill really just makes me go to a mental place where FAB doesn't exist, and that place is quite annoyingly uninspiring. I just get exhausted with how bad it looks.

I'm not perfect, and I'm not the BEST FAB FASHIONISTA out there, but these are just my opinions, many cosigned by other fans of the show.

Rasheeda, as BEAUTIFUL as she is, is the TOP CULPRIT with this. Just tooooo much tacky accessorizing. So, ladies, she's really the one who sparked today's focus: KISS.

Take the above... The BAD ring, the beads, the crosses, the bling, the big hoops, the layered necklaces, the HAT, the red lip, the black liner, the thick lashes, the long straight hair, the red beads on the earrings, the red top (which has some graphic on the front). JUST TOOOOO NUFFFFFFFF Jesus! FAB OVERKILL

I think some of us should just let our best assets speak for themselves especially if they're NATURAL assets like beautiful facial features, nice legs, pretty smile or dancing eyelashes. Dimples, beautiful hands, anything--- find a way to JUST accentuate that. For me, what I choose to accentuate for a day, week or month (or YEAR) can depend on my mood or what I'm feeling for the day or night. I love my eyes, lips, legs and boobs (YES ... I prayed for them to grow as a teen and they FINALLY did... MADDDD LATE LOL!). Anywho, I like to accentuate those aspects of my physical look the most.

I find that when I try to get too extra with my outfits or accessories or hair, I just don't feel comfy. Some people can pull it off and look effortlessly creative and funky and out of this world, but me, I feel like that little girl in the itchy slip and socks and stockings and frilly, light-colored dress back in the day... I wanted to kick all that pomp and circumstance off and throw on a simple cotton romper and jelly sandals!

Rasheeda looks GREAT here:

See, she let the earrings and eyeshadow be the focal point, kept the daintly layered necklaces and pulled her hair back, accentuating her best facial features. She's BEAUTIFUL!

Joseline also overdoes it a bit but sometimes it actually WORKS. I think she would have that hood FAB, Latina spicy look down if she would maybe minimize one piece or get rid of one thing. 

She already has on a fly, printed body-con dress, so no need for the long gold earrings AND the chunky necklace. And no need for the smoky eye with all that either. Maybe a cute Chanel or cross-and-bones stud earring might have worked better or maybe take off the necklace. Maybe a simple cateye liner and mascara with a nude lip would've been fine. She also had the jumbo Chanel bag which as even more overkill and what looked like blue and cream shoes. A simple oversize clutch (or even a small neon clutch would've been cute) and maybe a strappy sandal or solid colored pump would've gone well.

In this pic, she got the pink lip, with the chunky necklace, with the hoops with the hair with the scarf. Maybe take off the necklace or do without the scarf. maybe take off the hoops and keep the scarf and necklace. Maybe do a pink stain or gloss instead of that matte lip.

In this pic, she has on sequin top, hanging earring with orange and metal detail, middrift out, yellow pant,  beaded bangles, diamond ring, gold watch (a NICE one) and Louis Vuitton satchel. Tooooo much... I can't see the shoe but I'm sure it's some other color or pattern. LOVE her pieces but just not all together. Take the earrings and bangles off and add some big emerald studs OR leave the bangles add emerald studs and take off the gold watch.

I think the BEST STYLED cast member is Mimi. She BRITE as hell (ie. a FOOL in love) but always keeps it simple, yet chic:

She lets her best assets speak for themselves and doesn't overdo it yet doesn't look like plain Jane either.

Here are some celebrity queens of KISS: 

Kelly Rowland

Kim Kardashian (YES, don't hate)

Even when she does a print, she lets that print speak for itself. When Kim starts doing TOO much with her style, it's always a don't for her. 

Ciara: The Queen of Sexy SIMPLE chic

She's another FAB doll who, when she does too much with the hair, the dress, the shoes and the makeup, it's NEVER a fashion DO.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Now, if you're not into being toooo simple and love your accessories (as I DO... especially the FAB ones sold at ShesFab.com... which I will be reviewing soon!), take a page from these divas who do OVER THE TOP ACCESSORIZING and FASHION well.


Olsen Twins

Sarah Jessica Parker


When all else fails, just throw on a classic white or solid colored tee, a cute solid bottom like slim or boyfriend jeans, shorts or a flowy skirt, and pile on as many FAB and CRAZY accessories as you want.

Try James Perse or American Apparel for quality staples that you can wear many times without them looking cheap or off-color. Or buy MANY of the cheapies and layer them. Stores like Strawberry, Conway and Rainbow carry plenty in all colors, cuts and sizes. I got some cute V-neck tees from Forever21 for less than $4. (Again, I emphasize the fact that these are not meant to wear for years so maybe it's best to invest in quality).

I like to stay in a certain category or feel when mixing jewelry such as various size beads, silver w/gold, chunky links with smaller links. If you're doing a LOT on your neck, don't do too much on the ear. If you're doing a lot on the ear, don't do a lot with the necklace. Try to skip a body part. Got on a scarf around the neck? Well skip the WOW factor in the bodice (ie your top/blouse/or tank) and get just as outrageous with your shoe or wrist. If it's a NICE, well-made accessory, it's okay to match it with something that's JUST as nice and well-made (ie a genuine gold nameplate goes great with a long GENUINE gold link necklace,gold bangles or cuffs and diamond studs). Sometimes matching sets are good and you can wear that matching set along with another matching set (ie.a gold necklace and matching bracelet with silver earings and matching rings or a turquoise stone bracelet with matching earrings and complementary matching color set in mango or yellow or gold.)

I hope these tips help... Ladies, I've just seen so much fashion overkill this week, it's put me into FAB shock...

Kisses Miss Jane

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