Wednesday, July 25, 2012


So, fab ladies, many apologies for the lapse in posting. Life can happen and you really won't be in the mood or have the time to blog. But MUST change that. I usually hate when my favorite bloggers don't update enough. LOL. Now I know how THEY feel.

Anywho, let's get right into it. I've been in LOVE with aztec and geometric-infused fashion for many years. And when Monnica, CEO and founder of, an accessories and fashion retail store, sent me these, I fell right back in love!

(Sorry about the photo quality. Again, still working on the camera)

They have a vintage look,with orange, bronze and ultra yellow details. 

You can find some similar to these at

Here are some other aztec/geometric-infused favs, all picks you can take from summer to fall (which will soon be here):

With each you could throw on a blazer/cardigan and tights and you're good to go for the fall.

#Enjoy and #StayFab

Xisses Miss Jane

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