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My Top Fav FAB (Custom) BodyCon Designers

Okay so evvvvverybody makes or offers these...You know, the party dresses that hug every curve (or dip of cellulite). EVERY gyal in the dancehall (lol) wears these and they're the go-to sexy freakum dress to just throw on and step out.

You can go from Herve Leger to the cheapies at Forever 21, but I'll never get sick of the body con dress. Just remember, some are better than others. And when it comes these, fit and fabric is key. (And a good body shaper/Spanx doesn't hurt either). You often see every girl at the party with one of these on, so oftentimes, custom is the FAB way to go with these. I'm not a stranger to a night out with the girls at a dancehall party, boat ride or club, (especially in the summer) so I love having these in my wardrobe as that go-to pick when I really want to look fabusexilicious without having to try too hard. I let the dress and shoes speak for themselves and the rest falls into place ;)

Here are three of my all-time fav custom body-con dress designers. Not only are they FAB. A majority of them are divalicious female entrepreneurs making their OWN WAY (and I love supporting those as well).

Butch Diva

(Image from

This Brooklyn designer's catsuits and body-con dresses have been worn by entertainers including Patra, Lil Kim and Raye 6. What I love about Butch Diva is that the designer and founder, Tiffany, gives you one-on-one customer service, measures a dress to fit your body like a glove and also has cuts that are forgiving of a lil tummy or other imperfections that come with having curves. Also, you can mix and match fabrics, from psychodelic and animal prints to stretch lace. (And not to mention she's a TRINI GYAL ... #TriniLove... LOL). Her looks aren't for the faint of heart nor the faint of FAB but you can also get some more demure dresses made as well.

Here's a Butch Diva custom dress I had made:

To find out more or get your own custom dress visit: I went in, picked the style I wanted and the fabric combo and she made my Fab dreams come true. (She can also add embellishments like feathers, which were part of the original dress.)

Also, I'd def. recommend her for my plus size and curvy divas. You would be SURPRISED at how small a piece can look on a hanger and how many different sizes and shapes the dress fit perfectly. I went to her showroom once and there were women of various sizes, from the petite of petite to the Vah-vah-vah-voom and the sample size fit amazing.

House of Goodluck

This designer's pieces are phenomenal. I have yet to get a piece made by her but I plan to soon. Not only does she do the body-con dresses--- and do them well--- her fabric and design combos are sick! Just SuperFABulicious! Also, she's a beast when it comes to studding, adding zipper details and other embellishments. She also does custom shoes and other items as well, so you KNOW you won't be wearing the same thing as someone else. (Oh and the designer, Patrice, is another Trini gyal as well! #TriniLove)

(Photos from House of Goodluck and


When I first saw this designer's African Hologram dress, I just DIED, went to HEAVEN and was RESURRECTED in fabulicious nirvana. Her latest pursuits have been bodysuits, leggings and two-pieces in poppin' contrasting colors and prints, but she still incorporates the body con dresses in her lines and offers custom services for dresses as well. I'm STILL in love with this one and plan to contact her soon to get my own made:

(Image from Nakimuli Tumblr)

I wonder if she could add a zipper down the back or a strip of contrasting fabric right down the middle. Sexy FABulicious, right?


This custom coutour boutique's dresses have been worn by the likes of singer and reality TV star Mashonda. Lil Kim, Lisa Raye, K. Michelle and Nicki Minaj. I'm sure I'm late on this FAB boat but who cares. They offer hawtness, so I'm talking about it NOW. LOL. Beading, embellishments, sequins, studs, they do it all. FLAB-U-LUCIOUS Goodness... They have a boutique in Manhattan and I might just need to take trip and visit.

Rue 107

I first swooned over this line of body con dresses when I saw their line featuring cartoon characters including Woody Woodpecker and Bugs Bunny (or a likeness of them). Usually the characters were sewn on the sides or front of the dress, which I thought was unique and stood out among the pack of designers on the body con bandwagon.

Photo from

She then went on to add peacock-like designs to the sides that had me swooning even more:

Above, recording artist Raye 6 (Photo from

Rue 107 also offers leggings, tops, bathing suits and body-suits, along with more dresses in playful prints and colors.

Photos From:

So next time you're looking for hot party or special occasion dresses that are CUSTOM MADE, you have a list of FAB designers to choose from. And NO, they're not in order of hawtness nor customer service or other factors, simply my top 5 that I either love, have admired or plan to rock in the future. Support young black women in business and stay FAB.

***(Oh and don't forget, either get your body tight or wear a shaper underneath... Spandex is def. unforgiving... I even cringe seeing my own pic in that dress above because the four pack I once had is a lil more chunky these days...Had to tuck and suck in the belly the whole night LOL! I'm working on it ladies #TeamFAB&FIT... )***

Xisses Miss Jane

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