Monday, July 2, 2012



Welcome back ladies & from the title I know you all know where Im coming from,haha. Eyebrows are the mainframe of our faces. Done too dark,too light or cut short or extended too long can & will look like a problem.Let me first start off by saying I too experienced the hideous marker looking brows that were the only thing left standing on my face in the niteclub. I found this pic of Nick where we can see hers are completely gone which tells me for convenience she draws hers on & that being a double headed sword when she sweats there gone. Having a bang helps but only so much. I've seen many woman who have chosen this same option.But when its time to switch it up drawing them back on dont you want them to look right? Well stay tuned Im giving you the basics on brows today YOU GONE  LEARN!

I know for a fact no one wants to be that girl with eyebrows that dont flatter her face . Like the rapper Fabulous always says "If  you know better you'd do better". I come across a chart that will help you get this right,Enjoy..
1. First determine where you brows should start. I like to use the indentations above my nostrils as my guide. Take the handle of a makeup brush and hold it vertically at that indentation. This is the brow should start.
2. Now, pivot the handle so that it crosses the center of your iris. This will mark the highest point of your arch.
3. Finally, move the brush to the outside of your nose. Again, pivot the handle so that it crosses the outer corner of your eye. This will show you where your brows should end.

Now for you ladies who are more visual heres a tutorial I have done, I have foundt new tricks since I made this but this is the foundation that you can reference rewind back & stop then replay, make sure to share with a Diva you know who could benefit from watching!

Remember makeup is preference but what you see in the end is perception, make sure whatever you ADD actually adds to enhance your look NOT take away.Hopefully this has been helpul Dolls til NEXT post , Smooches xoxo MJ

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