Thursday, June 28, 2012


I must start with a lil photo of my sequin tee I DID decide to wear today to the office. It's cool and airy and muted FAB... I couldn't get a good pic of it myself (didn't have anyone to take one and the one's I took turned out terrible, but here's a snapshot of the pattern. You can check out a pic of the whole tee's look here.)

Wore this with tangerine crop pants and nude pointy, 2 1/2 inch pumps similar to these: 

Now on to today's obsession. I have never been a fan of oxfords for women. First off, usually they're worn without socks and the really nice ones are hard on the inside and end up cutting my delicate (LOL) feet. Secondly, I have a size 9 foot, thus, they're just not flattering on me. Thirdly (I know that's not a word LOL), I often buy pieces that will wear so much 'til the wheels (heels, soles, toes, straps, stitches) fall off, and oxfords simply don't fit into my usual wardrobe like that.

BUT, I love them on others. And I love preppy style from my days as a cool elementary school geek who wore penny loafers (WITH THE PENNY), blazers (yes, in the 4th grade) and Cosby sweaters (I had a favorite one that was purple with fringe... yes... geek chic at 10 years old).

I recently saw that J. Crew celebrated the CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund honors with a limited-edition four-piece collection, Creatures of the Wind, that mixes prep and color blocking. I think the pieces are FAB and def. could pull some major weight in anyone's wardrobe, whether you like prep or not. And if you don't know how to properly color block (which I will touch on when the obsessive fashion spirit moves me), you can just throw on one of these pieces (or mix and match them all) and you're officially FABulously color blocked!

(I'm not THAT crazy about the oxfords, but love the colors. I'm sure one of my FAB divas can channel their inner Janelle Monae and cause a fire with their color-splash prep style).

Here are some other great preppy pieces I found around the net that can mix and match for a color blocking effect:


I wouldn't recommend mixing all these pieces together (well, maybe the yellow & white shirt withe that pleated skirt might be cute). I'll leave the FAB tutorial on colorblocking to another post. Sooooo many people have done it and done it wrong that I was almost over the trend, but those J. Crew pieces gave me enough life to blog about it today. 

Xisses FAB ladies. 'Til next time.... Miss Jane

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