Thursday, June 21, 2012


I love looking through dancehall party photos. It's a guilty pleasure. Love seeing the creativity and divaliciousness of FAB partygoers unafraid to express their fashion creativity, no matter who judges or dislikes it. And on one of my usual perusals, I saw a gyal in a cute cropped denim wrap top that had puffy cap sleeves. It was adorable and reminded me of my love of denim tops. 

I've always been a fan of wearing denim in the not-so-usual way, so denim tops are def. a fav of mine. I have a weakness for men who wear denim button-downs as well, since my earliest crush on one of the sexiest men to ever live, Bob Marley. (I tried to get an ex to get into that trend but he thought it was too country western for his tastes lol).

I happen to always have a denim top in my wardrobe, whether long-sleeved, cropped, a tank or a vest. They always add that casual sexy edge to a dress or skirt (which I'm most likely to be seen wearing). Back int the day I had a denim bustier that I wish I still had today. Gosh the things we take for granted in our youth. 

This top is from one of my fav boutiques in SOHO (and they prob have them elsewhere) called Necessary Clothing. I was surprised to find they have a Web store! I prefer the whole routine of going to Broadway and visiting every one of them (as if they have diff. things to offer LOL) but the Website is def. convenient and makes the clothes available to my FAB gyals nationwide. 

The skirt I have on is actually a strapless maxi dress that I simply pulled down to my waist and rolled the top of. It's from Forever 21 (old). 

Here are some other great denim tops I have my eye on:

#Random but am I the only one who believes oftentimes the product models do the clothes no justice? I think they should have real models in various sizes rock these looks in the product shots. Some items, if I were going by the photo alone, would not be enticing to me, but I've learned to visualize how I would look in something and what I'd put with it. It also helps to see other stars/bloggers who have similar body shape/style wearing the clothes. These hanger-size or teenybopper models just are not the biz for me. 

Anywho, denim will def. be part of my summer-going-into-fall wardrobe. Try pairing them with crop pants, flowy skirts, contrasting colored denim or even a formal maxi skirt and I even want to try and incorporate it into my work looks. The office has a business attire dress code, but why not sneak in a little denim under a blazer every now and then? 

Okay, moving on to my next obsession: neon structured satchels.

I saw a guy (heeeey boo) wearing an neon yellow satchel like the one above while I was on my lunch break. I'd fallen out of love with purses that have long straps because sometimes the straps can be annoying to handle (the purse can swing from every which way while walking the busy and oftentimes crowded streets of NY) and also I never liked the feeling of a strap across my chest (which doesn't look that great if your boobs are over a size B...which mine are). I'm one to carry short-strap bags (in that siddity, mid-arm, ladies-who-lunch, kind of way LOL).

BUT, I couldn't help but swoon at his bag and almost followed him more than three blocks just staring to get details in my head so I could look for the bag myself. LOL #FashionPsycho.

Here are a few I found online:

Asos; Asos; Cambridge Satchel Co.;  Loehmann's (Who the hell knew Loehmann's had a Web store? LOL... Guess I'm mad late on that... But again, I'm a gyal who loves the real-life shopping experience... I LOVE going to Loehmann's on my lunch breaks simply to look and try on shoes and bags... )

Okay I'm tired and fighting the sickies... Random ending but what more can I say.

Stay FAB ladies ;)

Xiss Miss Jane

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