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Ok, ladies so I know you all have noticed a new ambiance of this blog and I gotta first start off by saying THANK GOD, I finally have help: NYC resident & FBF Miss Jane (You ROCK *kisses*).

I been so busy keeping up the updates on all my other social networks that I barely had time tp update this blog, but nevermind that! A sista got ammo & ready to aim and fire!

Today, I want to discuss the latest trends in makeup, which this summer is BOLD lips. Of course, I can hear ya'll now: Oh I'm too dark for color or it's NOT for me. Let me tell you to each her own but DON'T knock it 'til you try it! Makeup is NOT permanent and the fact that you're reading this gives you a cheat sheet to decide what will suite you best, so enjoy!

For starters, knowing your skin tone will help discover what shade looks most flattering, but hell, who has the time to swatch & research!? Make it easy for yourself and actually use the trial and error method.

Try it ON LOL! I personally have loved bright colors since I was able to wear makeup but that's me. For others, it's a delayed acquired taste. No worries! I'm an avid believer that seeing is believing & daring to be DIFFERENT should be a motto. I mean whats the worst that could happen? You actually like it, right?

Start with using a darker shade around the lip. Back in the day, FAB divas used lip pencils, which is a no-no today for me. I say use a darker lipstick, which is more practical and less harsh looking. NOTHING worst than all your lipstick being gone and a hard lip line left standing. OMG #Truestory (*_#)

As you see, in this picture the lips are outlined with a darker, soft line by lipstick. (You can also use a thick lip pencil. You know, those chunky ones.)

Afterward,  on the inside of your lips, apply the color you like. It could be a softer shade, let's say soft pink, or glitzy nude pink if you will ,should turn out like so below.

As you can see ladies this can be VERY simple if you follow this cheat trick , Let me know how it works out , I would love feedback & even picks of your new found Divatude in LipPOW. Enjoy. xoxo MJ

As a makeup artist, I'm always on the hunt for the BEST, so I apologize in advance for you ladies who are  Gospel MAC users.  I don't approve of all their selections for woman of color. I have tried their lipsticks and have fell in Love with Lady Ga Ga, but I will leave that explanation for another post. 

Here's some pics of me wearing Lady Ga Ga and Neon Pink from my collection. I havent been able to put it down and in fact, my coworkers always ask me why I'm not wearing it when I do decide to change it up. I love it for the high gloss and most definetly for its long-lasting wear. It's so highly pigmented. You can buy Neon Pink as well as other bright shades from my retail site

Neon Pink
UV Neon Red
UV Neon Cranberry
Lime                                                                  MAC Lady Ga Ga

Gloss & Uv Lipstick sold online @
UV Colors are available on my Website as individual or sets, as shown. They light up and are perfect for body art photo shoots. Buy online @

Here are a few pics of makeup clients who chose the FAB and decided to take a chance on a BRIGHT, BOLD lip:


Honestly, NONE of these ladies would have EVER thought they could pull it off. So the proof in the pudding.

I would love to see pics of what you accomplished with today's post. Futhermore, I just wanna see you look FABulous! Who's got your back??? I do!!!!

Stay True Stay You Stay FABB, til next post.

*Kisses* XOXO MJ

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