Sunday, June 17, 2012


So, I'm anxious to see this new season of Love & Hip Hip; Atlanta. It seems to have a lot of Divatude on set. My eyes are wide open to see any new trends I can emmulate makeup-wise.

First up, let's discuss Miss Joseline. Must admit, she's a cutie. Great bod, and a fiesty FAB style from head to toe.

As for makeup, I'm big on brows as the foundation of a great look. Get a well-groomed FAB look yourself with the following technique:

A common mistake I see everyday women do often is they apply makeup that gives a harsh look. Ladies, you want to highlight your best features, which in Joseline's case are her eyes or lips.

This technique is what I recommended for a softer, more blended look. This will give you that femininity you need.

Check out examples of great brows featuring FAB clients. I've shaped brows on clients with different eye shapes and it complimented them all well =D

Last but NOT least on myself

So ladies, there's a look for everybody, but since each of us have DIFFERENT eye shapes, start with the basics. Trust me, it will give you that extra polish and foundation to a FAB look you need.

I've talked in earlier blogs about knowing your eye shape so you can apply eyeshadow in proper area to get look you want. Heres a recap!

It took me FOREVER---yes I said it FOREVER---to learn how to properly apply my eyeshadow. It took some trial & error but once you realize the actual science on where and how much to apply and with what brush, it will be fun and FAB time when it comes to painting your face.

Stay True Stay You.

Muah xoxo Monnica

FAB FORUM: LADIES, WHAT'S YOUR BIGGEST EYE MAKEUP FAUX PAS? Feel free to share your challenges and what's most difficult for you when it comes to eye looks.

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