Tuesday, June 26, 2012


You ever hear that whole old-school "after 5" rule... You know, the stuff you're not supposed to wear until evening hours... ie mini skirts, sky-high heels, and -- the focus of today's post -- SEQUINS.

Well, it's not the 90s, I'm not a senior citizen, and I barely like to follow "rules" so I decided to break out of that old hangup and embrace a little daytime sparkle.

And don't worry about those folk that will say "Who does she think she is all fancy during the DAY???" Your response, vibe, and presence should say, "I don't THINK-- I KNOW I'm FAB... so keeping chatting and admiring!" LOL

While I was out shopping, trying to turn around what had become a very annoying work week, I found this great cream/blush, floral-print sequin tee on sale at H&M for $15 (similar in color and shape to the one below. And no, the model does it NO justice. Just think of it as more fitted on me with floral print and better sequin layering). I know... ALLLLL that???  Yes, all that and all FAB. (I guess I should've taken a pic of the top! LOL! Maybe I'll take an outfit of the day pic when I wear it.)

It has a muted glamor about it and seems very versatile. Can't wait to pair it with some skinny crop pants or shorts or maybe even a pleated skirt. 

Rasheeda (of Love & HipHop ATL ... yet another #realityTV obsession of mine lately) wore one in last night's episode that was nice.

***(I can't vouch for the accessories though. Don't think the triple herringbones, the yellow drop earrings and that chunky cocktail finger candy was a good match, but I digress)***

Here are a couple more hot sequin tops on my wish list: 


I have to shout out my gyal Sirita for being the queen of daytime sequins and vintage sequin tops. She would always wear them fearlessly and well, and I eventually got into it myself! So shouts to my FAB sis! 

Okay, so on to the next: Cheap chic polish. Doesn't it seem like the hood spots with the cheap/mani pedis have the BEST selection of colors that POP but not in the quality of the polish? It's usually that $1 polish that chips after ONE or TWO hand/dish/hair washing sessions? I hate it. I usually either bring my own polish or only go to the spots I know have Essie or Opi polish offerings. BUT, Wet & Wild has saved the day! 

Remember Wet n Wild used to be the cheap drugstore brand that teenyboppers and teens could rely on when you couldn't afford Cover Girl or Maybelline? (This was BEFORE the MAC days... I guess I'm showing my age a bit). Anywho, they have a $2 polish that, to me, is just as good as Essie (when it comes to the density, color hues and thickness of the polish.) 

I recently picked up their new MegaLast Salon Nail Colors and I LOVE THEM. Lately, I been obsessed with sherbert colors, (kinda over my usual obsession with hot/neon pink) and I def. love a brush that covers most of the nail with one swipe. That kind of brush makes your nails look like you actually got them done professionally because there's less likelihood of making a mistake when you only have to do one or two swipes on your nail to paint it and the shape of the tip is perfect for your nails.

Club Havana; On A Trip; Heatwave; Refresh-Mint

I'm crazy about On A Trip, Club Havana, and Refresh-Mint the most. Use a good top coat (try Beauty Secrets or Seche Vite) and it will literally look like you just came from the nail salon. I get many compliments, and though I do regularly get my nails and toes done, I can usually reply with  "Nah, haven't been to the nail shop in a week." LOL. 

**Again sorry about the photo quality... Gotta get into the digicam world like the rest of the bloggers! Soon come!**

Well that's it for me today. See ya at the next FAB post. 

Xisses Miss Jane.

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