Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hi FAB ladies. So we all have our fashion obsessions, but mine change from day to day (or even minute to minute.) I get excited about an item or a look, and I go crazy searching for pieces and looks to fit my wardrobe and style.

I decided I'd channel my obsessions and post them whenever I feel the need to share with you.

Today, I'm absolutely FABuliciously obsessed with anything sheer. Everyone's wearing it, but that's not what it's about. There's a sexy allure to sheer that can be pulled off from day to night, from button-down blouses, sheer panels in a freak 'em dress or sheer maxi dresses, jumpsuits and skirts in poppin' colors.

  Asos; Zara; Asos; Asos

(Clearly I'm obsessed with Asos as well, but that's a whole other post LOL)

I just recently purchased a bright orange jumper that has sheer pants legs and I ADORE it. I want to go buy it in every color. The piece I bought came from NYC's SOHO. It was one of the boutiques along Broadway. (If I can remember the name of the store later, I'll post it.) The jumpsuit I bought features long inseams (which is perfect for me since I'm 5'9 and have long legs) so I'd say be conscious of the hemline and the fall of the pant when purchasing an item like this.

**Sorry about the photo quality. We'll get better with that soon ;) **

  Here are some similar options to check out online:

Arden B: Forever 21; Dillards

With anything sheer, the question always is, What do you wear underneath?

This is the perfect time for great lingerie or shapewear. I'm a big fan of mixing colors and prints, so try a brightly-hued tank, bralet or bra. (I chose an ultra pink lace tank and pink bra with my jumpsuit. It already had a shorts slip attached to it, but you still want to be sure to wear a nude or dark thong or full panty).

Try some of these options:

 Forever 21; Forever 21; Victoria's Secret; Asos

With a printed sheer jumpsuit, (or if you're just not into mixing colors) try a nude or black bra. I know oftentimes us black gyals (who come in all shades and undertones) can't find nudes that match us perfectly. Either they're too light, too peachy, or too dark. But try these options:

 MySkins; Macy'sVictoria's Secret; American Apparel

Also, try this trick: Wear your usual black or white bra or whatever color bra you have and just put a cotton brown or neutral-hued bralet, tank or soft-fabric bra on top. That will either hide any patterns or darkness of the bra underneath.

If there's sheer panels on the sides, or the dress or jumpsuit is backless, go commando or wear pasties. (Go FAB or go home.)

If you don't feel comfy going commando, try a backless or low-back convertible bra and a nude panty that matches your skin tone from outlets like Victoria's Secret, Calvin Klein, American Apparel or Bare Necessities. Or maybe even get some nude fabric sewn under the sheer panel that will smooth any dents, bumps and imperfections. (Hey, no matter what size you are, we all have stretch marks, cellulite, uneven skin and the like).

I really hate seeing any Spanx or nude panty lines at the side panels of sheer FAB pieces, but hey, DO YOU BOO.

(I say Hells No to this look, but I love Kim K. To each her own. Commando would have been fine with me, and maybe an intimate pasty to smooth out the front silhouette, but we all know Kim love her some Spanx. And I won't start on the boots... LOL. Love you Kimmy!)

Anywho, to take a sheer look from too risque to day, try adding a blazer, layering a tee or tanks or wearing a solid-colored bodysuit and lots of accessories.

Asos; J. Crew ; Asos

OAN: I already purchased two pleated dresses from H&M (that look similar to these (below) from Zara.). They were on sale for $15! (I got for one $10 because it was mismarked. Check here for H&M locations that are having sales in your city.)

I plan to purchase more sheer-accented items as the summer goes on. (These are on my wish list.)

Let's get sheer for the summer and be FAB sexy and free-spirited.

Oh, one more thing: I'm LOVING silky, printed scarves. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM, especially for my hair since I've recently cut off the relaxed ends and gone natural. I get easily bored with styles, so to avoid turning back to the creamy crack, I've been making major use of scarves.

The one I'm wearing here is a vintage scarf I got from a Housing Works sale a while back. (It was one of those $20 bag sales, where you dig through a bunch of stuff and fit as much as you can in a bag and only pay $20 per bag). I'm terrible at thrifting (no patience and frankly never wear most of the things I buy), but this one was a keeper.

Here are some other picks to try. (I actually bought the first one and another one (not pictured) from H&M. The first one has a great black panther on it and lovely lime color throughout.)

H&M; H&M; Hermes ; Asos

You can even find some nice printed (and affordable) scarves at your local beauty supply store. (That's yet another obsession of mine, as I feel like a kid in a candy store when a new BIG beauty supply opens in my neighborhood).

I'd stay away from the fake Gucci or Fendi or Chanel scarves (though, by all means, if it has bright colors and you cool with it being fake, DO YOU BOO BOO), but sometimes they have great $5 options that work perfect for your hair. Also, try your local Pay Half, Pretty Girl and Dollar Store (General Dollar, Family Dollar and all those dollars).

Love how Joseline from LHH ATL wears her signature scarf look. (I know... #ratchet ... but chic is chic nonetheless.)

Here's a great YouTube tut on unique and chic ways to tie scarves by YT natural diva WomanInTheJungle:

 And lastly, here's some great ways to wear scarves with your ensembles by the FAB YT diva WendysLookbook.

Say FAB. Xiss Miss Jane ;)


Illuminating_Virgo said...

Loving sheer, its everywhere now! I agree KimK should have left that spanx out it ruined the look!

Def. taking heed to the nude undergarments, thats a staple!

Miss Jane said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes, you know I agree! Nude is def a must-have for the closet.