Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So, I just recently began channeling my obsession with fashion inspirations via blog (thanks Monnica for the outlet). Much of this has been in my head (and flooding my FB timeline LOL) but I hadn't had a forum to really let it out. I've decided to come to you daily (or whenever the urge hits me) with my fashion obsessions.

Today, we'll start with lace, a hot current fabric and something I've loved since childhood. My Granny always had lace tablecloths and runners about the house, so I always saw it as part of being feminine and stylish, whether it's in intimates, lingerie worn as tops, pants, skirts or shirts. (Don't let the name Granny fool you. She is def. a chic diva, and has been for well, since I've known her---more than two decades.)

Anywho, I've also craved peplum lately, from tops to dresses to shorts.

After seeing my two fav fashion bloggers of the moment Just Patience and Atlantic Pacific wearing FAB peplum (and lace) pieces, I've def. been on the hunt.

I kept looking for that H&M sleeveless peplum number but no store had my size! I started to ask my Granny to make it and she laughs and says "Y'all didn't like it when I made those styles for you as kids!" LOL, Granny, kids don't know style!!!)

I knew I was not taking to ANYBODY'S sewing machine, and I hate waiting on pieces to be finished at a tailor, so I kept the search going.

After searching and searching, I finally found peplum galore with these Zara darlings:

White studded FAB; Red futuristic FABLace ruby FABLeopard wild FAB

I will be indulging in one of these by pay day!

You can pair pepulum tops with almost anything slimming and slinder or even a flowy or pleated miniskirt or hotpant/shorts. I like to wear them with cropped pants/jeans (another obsession) and flats or t-strap heels.

Switching FAB gears, I'm also NUTS about embellished collars. Just bought two sleeveless button-down shifts with sequin collars, one black with black sequins and one white with gold sequins. They were on sale for $10 at one of my fav little boutiques in SOHO, NYC (along Broadway. As usual, I can't remember the name. There are so many nice little spots that have affordable, chic fashions).

 I like to wear these buttoned alllll the way up (even in warmer weather). Never really bothers me because collars never fit my skinny neck tight anyway lol. I just love to show the structure and the glam of the collar. Add a bit more glam with some chunky or sparkly accessories. I love daytime bling and am kinda breaking out of a style rut myself so I try to take it to the limit nowadays with my style lately.

(BTW, the necklace is from H&M. I practically wear it every other day ... that's another obsession for another blog).

Here are a few online picks to check out as well:

Asos ZaraAsos ; Asos

Zara ; Asos;  Zara ;

Lace, embellished collars and peplum! Hey, wear them separate or all together for a FAB elegant look with a little edge.

Xisses Miss Jane

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