Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi FAB ladies! Coming to you with a QUICK post on today's obsessions: Lucite and Paisley...

Now, we all think paisley is a pattern of the past. Our moms and aunties wore it in the '70s and '80s, and some of it was ugly as hell. Well, today's paisley has more pop in color and is updated by way of the fabric. A nice silk or cotton paisley def. is the bizness (vs a polyester '70s number). It all depends on the silhouette and the fabric to make it updated and FAB.

Today, I decided to wear a piece I picked up from H&M's sale ($20). It includes two of my favorite things: quarter sleeves and a baby doll hem. I have long legs, and even as a teen I loved wearing the baby doll dresses with a choker. (Remember those? LOL... I swear I went through that "Clueless" phase of wearing baby doll dresses with chokers and long socks... And I had a Toni Braxton cut too so I guess I thought I was a living doll back then LOL!)

  (I hate taking pics ladies ... so I prob look quite awkward and un-model-like LOL... Just want you to get a sense of the dress).

Try these FAB paisley pieces:

Wallis; J.Crew; Oasis; Topshop


PreenKarmaLoopMelina; CoutourCandy


Old NavyForever21;  StyleBop; Harrods

Also I'm crazy about LUCITE! I'm soooo crazy about clear and plastic-looking accessories, especially this necklace (H&M). I bought this one in clear and mint green. I think they have a soft pink too. Just looks like rock candy ice on your neck!

 (Just a note FAB ladies, lucite is a synthetic material once trademarked as Plexiglass, so REAL lucite items can be quite expensive, yet long-lasting. Just wanted to note that. Many fashion accessories and footwear can be referred to as LUCITE but it's simply that clear look but really made of plastic or acrylic--- options that are obviously less expensive. Whatever the case may be, it's FAB!)

Try these Lucite/see-through accessories:





So ladies, get into the popping paisleys, turn up your vintage FAB a notch and add a few Lucite pieces as well!

P.S. Today I'm wearing my Wet n Wild "Club Havana" that I blogged about yesterday.

Xisses Miss Jane


Yolanda said...

Love the dress and the accessories! My mom inherited some lucite accessories from my grandmother that I like to wear from time to time. Love the blog!

Monnica "Miss FAB" Johnson said...

Thanks Yolanda! Yes, those vintage Lucite items are FAB! Gosh, wish my Granny would come off of her's! LOL --MISS JANE

A Polished Lifestyle said...

Great Post! Lusting for lucite now;)

Miss Jane said...

Thanks so much Tara! And LOVE your blog! OMG! Soooo YOU! Just FAB! xoxo