Friday, June 22, 2012


I love window shopping... on the Web. I can search and search and search to find items I've seen worn on TV, in a magazine ad or on everyday FAB divas for hours upon hours. Once I have something in my head that I'm crazy about, I will research all day and night to find it, especially if it's an item out of my budget. There's ALWAYS a more affordable version or option on the Web. I'm not one to go broke trying to look hot, especially not on MY OWN DIME *WINK.*

Well, I'd recently become a fan of fashion blogger and author of Style Is My Thing (whose blog I found after another blogger raved about her style. Can't remember that blogger's name or the name of her site but when I do, I'll link it.)

I absolutely fell in love with this skirt (well the whole ensemble, but the skirt in particular), and turns out it's by Aqua by Aqua, a UK designer and retailer. 

Think Asos mets Calvin Klein or Donna Karan but at affordable (Topshop-esque) prices. Many of the pieces are sleek, structured and simple but have a sexy allure or accent to them. 

FAB, right? Well, I have def. put some of these pieces on my wish list. And they're having a sale as well ;)

I might actually do these kinds of posts every Friday for fav Web retailers that aren't the norm. I know all the divas know about Asos and Forever 21 and Topshop and the like, but it's refreshing to shop elsewhere and be the only gyal at the party wearing what you're wearing. LOL!

Stay FAB.

Xisses Miss Jane


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