Sunday, November 27, 2011

Easy as 1,2,3 Tools & The Basics to Get Started

Ok the BIG question is do you need concealer,foundation & makeup blemish sticks all at the same time?? Ladies NO!!! I can tell u the more you try to cover a unsightly blemish the MORE you are making it obvious, Because we all have hair on our faces its best to use downward strokes to prevent the appearance of streakiness,since we have fines line applying concealer,blemish sticks to the area where these line appear makeup will only crease & become more of a focus point, This is not what anyone wants so stay away.Dont have a cake face!!!

I will be addding a tutorial for this look above so make sure to tune in.

see tuitorials @

Lets talk about the right products. If you have heard me say it once you have heard me say it a thousands times "Quality over Quanity" Never cheat yourself when u buy brushes, the quality is what u should look for when purchasing, As the end result IF U BUY CHEAP THERE WILL BE A NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE.

I use to buy bulks of makeup when I first started just trying em all out seeing what was high pigmented,what had more brilliance I was fascinated! Oh how I learned quick what looks good in the display case is NOT always the best, I know every girl has experienced buying a color b/c it looked bright or just nice lol, Only to come home & find out it was like chalk all of em turned into white color after a couple hours, huh??


Well this is where eye primer became essential there are tons i used, by sephora my long lived one was by urban decay it was nice but I prefer a creme thats just me but it worked well just preferred more of a creamy primer like the one I use currently use by micabella, This allows me to give a sheer layer over my lid like so

the one the left is how thin the primer should look if it looks like the right side u should keep blending When u apply too much primer its the same as having none it will crease in your lids like so

Now when done right this is how your eyeshadow will appear

If you didnt know primer is used to prolong wear of eyeshadow & will make your eyeshadow look bright all day i used it often with my clients,

sometimes I can go to sleep & wake up & my make look just like the day before (yall know about those late nites u get tired, lol)


Now lets talk brushes I have tons but thats because im this field , you have to have the necessary ones for starters then build from there,As yo being adding to your technique you will find having more than one of each works perfect when your doing lite & dark colors.

The Top 5 Brushes are
angle/liner brush

powder brush

eyeshadow brush

foundation brush


Dorian said...

Where can u get the micabella primer from? And what do you think about the e.l.f products at Target ex:their brushes......

MonnicaMissFaBBJohnson said...
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MonnicaMissFaBBJohnson said...

Hey huney & thanks for your question as for elf products they are very inexpensive & the fibers made to make them will NOT last so repeat buying will make up for the cheap price (ie you will continue to have to buy them) So like i say why NOT buy a more expensive brush, i currently offer brushes starting at $10 each & a 5 pair set for $67 consisting of the goat hair fibers that are liter & softer, shedding is less & they WILL create blend of any eyeshadow u use. As for Micabella u can find & purchased in lynnhaven mall or even mac arthur mall , i know in macarttur there store is by the elevator first floor =)

Dorian said...

Ok thanx :) I just brought them to try out for an event so hopefully they last for that but I will def look into gettin "better quality" brushes......thanx again

MonnicaMissFaBBJohnson said...

For sure & make sure to take pics.