Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is wearing makeup good or bad??

Dealing with tons of different clients of different nationalities skin types & different areas of concerns, The same question is always posed. Is wearing make even necessary?  Followed by" I dont wanna look unnatural." Well let me say in my years of experience from young to old  all divas wanna look there best, whether you have dark spots,red spots ,blemishes,scars or whatever your case...I will let you know with the right skin care regimen & right choice of makeup including foundation,concealers or whichever you prefer, Makeup is a accessory NOT a necessity,No One has PERFECT  skin so why NOT experiment until you find what most works for you?? This is why I Love my job & I will share my findings with you here on my blog =)

I tell all my clients I learned the proper technique for myself last. I went thru hiduous dracula like makeup & it was pretty scary when i think back now lol. I have created this blog as a haven for all your questions to be answered & at least a new perspective to use the makeup you currently have to be let go & Open arms to the New. Like they say " If you knew Better You'd Do Better" Enjoy Ladies...


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